360 Hair Waves

360 Waves, commonly known just as "waves" "360's" or "spinners" are a Black American hair pattern worn men and some women. The hair waves create a spinning pattern in this style. It is easy to manage and looks good, which is why so many men tend to turn to this style.

Do you want to learn how to get 360 waves in your hair? Well here's where to get started. The first step to getting waves is getting a haircut if needed. You cannot acquire waves in your hair if you are presently sporting a long hairstyle such as an afro, braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, etc. It is best to start your wave pattern off a fresh haircut. The next thing to do is visit your local department store and pickup a few supplies. Here on this site you'll find all the supplies you should get at the very least.

Nice Hair Waves

After you grab your supplies, you should read the guide on brushing tips. Make sure you are also regularly washing your hair of any grime. And read up on the different moisturizers/brush types as you'll be using a different one of each depending on your hair type. More or less people will find out that their hair may need more moisture or brush than others.

In that respect there is also a downloadable guide available on the site to help you determine the better combinations for your hair type. Just try different things and check back. The key in how to get nice waves in your hair is to brush and moisturize.

After reading through all of the info available here, you will begin to see waves in no time!

Tips to Get You Started Right Now...

Brushing tips #1- always make sure you are brushing your hair in the pattern you want waves.  This makes complete sense but many people do not do this sadly.  Simply brushing your hair in the right pattern will give you more of a chance to get waves than not.  Why?  Because when you brush your hair you make your hair follicles lay down.  Without your hair being able to lay down you will never get waves.  People who have nappy hair traditionally have an issue with this.  Your hair can still look good, but you just have to work hard to make it lay down properly.

Brushing tips #2- wear a du rag or stocking cap when you are sleeping.  This is important for one main reason.  That is, you cannot predict how you sleep.  If you especially sleep on your back you need to do something to protect your hair.  If you mess up your wave pattern while you sleep then everything you did while you were awake has gone pretty much completely to waste.

Brushing tips #3- use a wave grease/pomade.  While not necessarily needed, these types of products can really help your waving efforts in a big way.  They basically hold your hair down and don’t let it frizz up during the day.  That is certainly a great added benefit in addition to the fact that pomades have a shine that makes your hair looks nice.  I really like that.

So to sum it up:

  • Tip #1- brush your hair in the right pattern.  You cannot get 360 waves if you don’t do this, period.

  • Tip #2- Wear your durag when you are about to go to sleep.

  • Tip #3- Use some sort of a wave grease (optional).

Learn all of this and more in the How to Get 360 Waves ebook.

The ebook is chock full of the best techniques, methods, and ways to get your hair spinning in no time. Everything in the book is a personal part of my strategy that I have been using for years with great results.

Do you have to have to have "good hair" for this? Certainly not. I have regular hair, or as I say a head full of grade-A nappy hair, and I wave up just fine. The techniques I used to get to where I am today are all documented for you to follow "paint-by-numbers" style on your journey to get better looking hair. If you can follow simple instructions, then you can do this.

What's included in the ebook? Glad you asked. Here are just a few of the tricks and tips up my sleeve that you will learn when you get the ebook today:

  • What you shouldn't use to get waves- and how it can damage your hair FOREVER!

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  • The simple method to get 360 waves that's right under your nose.

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So if you are ready to change your hair life forever, start turning heads and breaking necks today, make sure you check out the 360 Waves Guide today!