360 Waves Hair Products

Here are a list of some of the newest products people are using to get 360 waves. Please note, there is a video below explaining all of this for those of you that are visual learners. Otherwise... continue and read on.

Shampoo- Pantente Pro V Relaxed & Natural (for women of color)

Apparently, the name of this product doesn't matter and it can be used by everyone. I'd look at the ingredients to be on the safe side. This shampoo is supposed to make your hair feel lighter and more moist during the day. Seems good if you have dry scalp.

Moisturizer- Motions Foaming Lotion

This can be used in the place of pink lotion and carrot creme. It foams up but is quickly asorbed when you brush. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Brush- Diane Soft 100% Boar Bristle #168

Soft bristle brush. A medium wave brush. Self explanatory.



Additional Moisturizer- Organics Texturizer My Way

Possibly helps deepens waves. It is a curl lotion.

Pomade- American Crew

Pomade for oil and additional shine.