Wave Pomades and Cremes

Want to see your waves coming in a little faster? I got you covered. Here are the products you can try out in your head. See what works best.

Pink Lotion - Nice and light, washes out and doesnt leave your head greasy. Your hair will asorb it fast though.

Olive Oil - Can be greasy depending on what brand you get. Smells good.

Carrot Creme - The brand that labels their cream as "Carrot Oil" is the best. Its like $8 a can but VERY worth it. There are other creams that are more greasy. The "Organic" version smells very bad as well. But all in all, carrot creme will make your hair the softest and help you get waves fastest.



Sporting Waves, Murrays, etc. - these products work well to hold your hair in place but are VERY greasy and you HAVE to wash it out or it will damage your hair! I like to use Lets Jam (teal top) to hold my hair if I'm really trying to show my waves off.

Wave Builder - I've used wave builder and I did not find it to be beneficial at all. I prefer Lets Jam or even Sporting Waves instead. Their product does smell good, but it is extremelly greasy. You also need to use a lot of this to get the same hold as a little bit of sporting waves.