How to Get 360 Waves - Guide

What Type of hair do you need?

First of all, what type of hair you have does not matter. But it will cause for the waves to start coming in faster if your hair is curly. Some people with smoother, softer hair will get waves very easily with little or no brushing. Another person may take up to three weeks. No two wavers are alike. Some people get big long waves, some smaller closer waves.

Step 1: Get a Fresh Haircut

If you were a painter, you would want a fresh canvas right? Exactly. If you have been rocking a mini fro or a curly mop its time to wack it off before you start waving it up. Go to the barber and ask for a low brush cut. I reccomend a low cut because if your hair has got used to another style it will be harder for it to get it to wave trying to brush it out. A lot cut will reset everything and get you on your way.



Step 2: Hit Walmart, Rite Aid, etc. Buy Your Supplies

Okay now that you have a fresh cut it is time to get the tools you will need to create your 360 waves. There are a lot of proucts on the market, but you don't need them ALL. You need maybe 10 bucks at most to get the bare minimums.

  • Durag/Stocking Cap - to wear at night to save your pattern
  • Soft Brush - to brush your pattern in, later you will need a medium brush when your hair grows
  • Moisturizer - pink lotion, olive oil, or carrot creme. Any of these work.

Step 3: Wash Your Hair

Get all the crap out of your head! Wash your hair clean of dirt, dandruff, and greases.

Step 4: Start Brushing

Brush your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Start from the crown of the head and down towards the hairline in every direction, go around your whole head. You should also put your moisturizer in your hair as you brush.

Step 5: Put Your Durag on

This is easy, put your stocking cap on and wear it to sleep. I also recommend wearing it to the gym and during physical activity to save your waves.

Follow steps 4 and 5 daily, washing your hair every 4 days. You will have waves in no time!