How to Get 720 Waves

I'll admit that I do not know much about 720 waves. They are a new style that has recently caught on. A lot of people want to know about them though so I took the liberty to look up some information on them. As you can see the wave pattern is kind of sideways. It seems as if the only difference between 720's and 360 waves is the pattern you brush in.

In 360 waves the waves brush their head towards the hairline from the crown of the head. With 720 waves the hair is brushed all to one side of the head. This creates the sideways waves pattern. In the video below you can see how it looks when your waves come in.



If you want to try 720 waves and already have 360 waves, you'll have to cut your hair bald and start from scratch. You cannot "re-wave" your pattern to go to the side. It has to be trained from scratch to grow that way! I have not seen many people with 720 waves so I know it is definately a style that will stand out if you try it. If you can get 360's you can get 720's easily.