Celebrity Haircuts

From time to time, we will spotlight different celebrities with 360 waves. We will breakdown what type of haircut they have, and what they are likely doing to keep their wave patterns up. We know that a lot of people are interested in celebrities, and since they have to stay in the spotlight they tend to keep their hair the best.

Yes, some of them have personal barbers but I assure you that recreating their looks are not as difficult as it seems!

Celebrities With Waves:

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DrakeDiddySoulja Boy

Lots of male figures in the NFL, NBA, and in the world of hip hop are rocking wave like hair styles. In the future we will be posting articles on Diddy, Drake, Nelly, Lebron James, Joe Johnson, Michael Conley, Soulja Boy, Lil B the Based God, and many others. Please check back for those articles on celebrity wavers and don't forget to join the 360 waves forums in the meantime!