Get 360 Waves Fast

During 1980's most of the African American Males were found wearing a particular type of hair pattern called as "waves 360" or "spinners". It was called "waves 360" because it appeared like a number of different sized circles being drawn on your head where the outline (circumference) is hairy and the rest is shaved.

Type of hair required

There is no need for a particular type of hair to wear the 360 waves, in fact anyone with any type of hair can be wear the waves style. The time required for the waves to grow may vary from person to person as per the texture and if you have got easy to manage hair, you can expect the best in a short duration. This style is completely dependent on the quality of your hair so yours may be different from others. This is because people have different type of hair and one can form different type of waves around the scalp. Some people prefer to keep larger gaps between the waves while some like to keep the distance short and others may prefer to keep somewhere in between, which entirely depends upon the individual's choice and preference.

Success story: "360 waves"

It is evident from various examples that a handful of successful and famous artists and professionals have been witnessed carrying this type of hair style.  Among them the most successful were famous musician Sean "P.Daddy" Combs, the rapper Fabolous, Akon (the r&b singer), Jay Z and among the athletes it’s none other than Lebron James and Damon Jones of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints, Quentin Rochardson of the New York Knicks, and Joe Johnson of the Atlanta Hawks etc.. The list is endless and the numbers are huge, even though they belong from different professions but they have one thing in common and that is "360 waves".

Leaving hairstyles like braids and dreadlocks behind, this popular hairstyle of 80's have started gaining popularity yet again. The waves hair style looks cool and makes you stand out in the crowd; and who can deny the easiness to maintain them for a longer period.