Diddy's Haircut

Here's how to get a cut like Diddy.

P Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Combs is known for being a fashion mogul, rapper, and now actor. Along with all the stress that comes with wearing those different crowns comes the pressure of always having to look his best whenever in front of the camera. Due to that, Puffy has elected to have his har styled and cut in the 360 waves pattern.

A lot of people want to know, exactly "how can I get my hair like Diddy?"

Well, the answer to that isn't exactly easy. For one Diddy has a natural texture to his hair that makes it a little smoother than your average african american man's. You can recreate that look by using a texturizing wave kit to straighten your hair a little. You also have to grow your hair longer than usual to achieve that effect.

Always make sure you read the box before you kit your hair. If you do it wrong, you can burn your scalp or severely damage your hair. You usually just have to set it for a few minutes then wash it out after it activates. I suggest that you get another person to help you put the kit in if you decide to go ahead and do that.

Diddy also may be coloring his hair darker with Bigen or spraying Black Ice on it to make it look darker. He also uses a pomade to keep his hair down.