Drake's Haircut

Here's how to get a cut like Drizzy.

This is a question I've started to get more and more so I decided to write up this little article on it.

Just incase your living under a rock, Drake is a Canadian rapper who signed with Young Money/Cash Money records a few years ago. He just released a critically acclaimed album titled 'Thank Me Later.'

Drake's mostly known for his use of the autotune effect and signing the hooks of his own rap songs. He also is known for his affiliation to Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Trey Songz.

Since Drake has hit the scene more men have been interested in what type of haircut Drake rocks and how to explain to their barber how to do that effect. It is not a regular fade. If you ask for a regular fade you will not get the Drizzy Drake look and you will be dissapointed!

Ironically, there is a barber shop in New York that now offers the "Drizzy Drake" haircut by name due to the confusion over the type of fade.

But anyways, you've seen the Drake cut. It's dark on the top but the sides near the ears are lightly faded along with the neck. The sideburns are also cut off and Drake typically rocks very light facial hair which naturally connects to the fade. It looks like a skilled cut but most barbers can do it.

It is called the dark temp fade. That's what you need to tell your barber to give you. And make sure you tell him to fade the line up in the back as well. If you just ask for a plain fade, you'll get a military style cut in many shops. So make sure you tell your barber specifically, "dark temp fade." Asking for it by name typically lets barbers know you know what you are talking about and they tend to spend more time on your hair as well which is always a good thing!