Soulja Boys's Haircut

Here's how to get a cut like Soulja Boy.

This.... RIGHT HERE.... is my.... swag!

Over the years we have seen Soulja Boy Tellem (DeAndre Way) grow up from a kid to a young music mogul. With success as a rapper comes an increased platform as a fashion icon for young men.

Soulja has sported several hairstyles in the past: 360 waves, tapers, fades, frohawks, baby dredlocks (plats), and a mini fro. He really likes to change it up from time to time. But no matter what he does he seems to always come back to his 360 wave with a fresh haircut.

So how does Soulja keep his wave game up? For one, he seems to keep his hair shorter than most wavers. Most people get their hair cut with a 2 guard, but Soulja seems to keep his at a 1.5 or a 1. Very light for most people but it works for him.

He also is known to color his hair line with Black Ice hair spray to make it look darker. As a young man who seems to have an early recede on his hairline, the Black Ice helps finish the haircut with fresh line.